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Considering grad school?

Only get your masters if you love what you study enough to hate it. Because trust me, I fucking hate everything about my field right now. #4MoreDays


Mamrie and I launched the premiere of our new travel show #HeyUSA!



Comedian John Oliver Interviews Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking

Who said nerds can’t be funny? ^_^

Dear Stephen Hawking,

Will you be on my thesis committee? I realize I’m an archaeologist and you’re a physicist, but… C’mon…


What would be your:
Alignment? Good or Evil? Or in between?

What would be your super power?

What would be your mode of transportation?

For me: I would be a good hero, following the Blue Lanterns, using the Blue Power Ring, with the ability to fly.

Let’s have some fun with this, and spread it around.

So I got my Master’s today…

It was honestly… Anticlimactic.
The guy called my name, I walked across the stage, the auditorium was told to hold applause until everyone had gone. And I shook hands with two guys whom I’ve never seen or heard of before.. But they were apparently important.
I also have accepted a position with Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research. I’ll travel from site to site, project to project, so come Monday I will begin the process of becoming an official resident of the state of Mississippi… It almost doesn’t feel real.